Medical Device Technology

      As progress in healthcare continues to advance, much of the success stems from developments in medical device technology. Such technology allows for more accurate diagnosis, efficient management, enhanced treatment models, and better understanding of the pathogenesis of certain conditions.  

      The field of ophthalmology has experienced rapid expansion of diagnostic medical equipment in recent years. Such advances have transformed our understanding of many optic nerve and retinal conditions thus altering our diagnostic and treatment approaches.

      Fedorov Clinic Restore Vision multifocal Electroretinography Adults

       Eye doctors worldwide and the physicians at Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic routinely use technologies to examine visual functions and any underlying structural abnormalities inside of the eye.

      Modern day, comprehensive examination requires embracing the latest technological inventions which helps us understand human eyesight beginning with photons captured in the retina that are transduced into electrical signals which are then decoded in the brain.


      Fedorov’s clinic always remains at the forefront of clinics by incorporating the newest diagnostic equipment and technologies.

      We Can Help If You Seek More Information:

      • You need more info to determine if you are suffering from an optic nerve or retinal disorder 
      • You have been diagnosed with a progressive eye condition (such as glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa) which needs close monitoring 
      • You need an explanation for the concerning changes in your vision because it is off, but you can’t describe why exactly and exact diagnosis of your eye conditions is not known yet
      • You are looking for assessment the visual system in infants with questionable vision or young children with visual impairment 
      • You have a condition like retinitis pigmentosa with associated complications like cystoid macular edema
      • Your visual complaints are inconsistent with structural abnormalities in your optic nerve or retina.


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