How Do I Become a Patient?

    To make sure Fedorov Therapy can benefit you, we need to learn more about you. By reviewing your medical records, we will seek to understand your current conditions, the history of your vision loss and the treatments you have already undergone. 

    Steps To Review Medical Case

    Complete a Pre Evaluation Form

    As a first step, and to initiate your evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate, you will be asked to fill-in our Restore Vision Checklist  to provide us with a brief history of your disease, your diagnosis, and eyesight complaints. The questionnaires is designed to allow us to understand to which extent visual disturbances affect your everyday activities and help us identify if there are no potential contraindications to the treatment.


    Medical documentation Assessment (2-10 working days)

    If contraindications are absent, you will be asked to send us a copy of your medical records via email or fax.

    Your medical documentation should include the following information:

    • History of the disease, indicating its beginning, obtained examinations and treatment results
    • Findings and reports on how your disease proceeded, what methods of therapeutic or surgical treatment were used
    • The results of the latest ophthalmological examinations (within the last 4-6 months), including a detailed eye exam with details about intraocular pressure of both eyes
    • The results of obtained visual fields examinations (if possible together with their dynamic).
    • The results of CT or MRI, EEG, evoked potentials


    Treatment Eligibility Confirmation

    If there are no contraindications and we believe our will benefit from the treatment, we will send you the following information to review:

    1. The Medical Contract
    2. The invitation letter - which is necessary when you apply for a visa.
    3. Possible treatment dates - including a recommendation to receive treatment as soon as possible if your disease (medical condition) requires this.

    At your convenience, we will schedule a time to discuss the prognosis in more details and answer any questions you may have.


    Booking your treatment

    Once you have selected your treatment dates, you will be asked for a deposit to secure the dates.

    Dates can only be secured upon receipt of the deposit.

    What constitutes a treatment:

    • Therapeutical sessions are performed for 2 weeks from Monday to Friday. Duration each session is 60-90 minutes.
      • Although there are no specific restrictions connected to eye strain (you can use a computer and read), you should not spend more than 3 hours a day in front of a computer during your stay in Berlin.
      • Some patients feel tired after the therapy, but a few hours of rest allow them to overcome it completely.
    • After the treatment course you are thoroughly examined and your results are discussed.
    • We provide you with a Findings Report which includes the results of your ophthalmological examination.
    • We also develop a Personalized Care Plan with possible strategies for the upcoming months to suit your specific needs.


    Book your 2-week trip to Berlin

    Once your dates are confirmed and the deposit is paid, you can start planning and booking your trip.

    The therapy normally requires a stay in Berlin of 14 days, generally beginning on a Monday.

    Please note that:

    • Our clinic does not have accommodation available for our patients.
    • We recommend the Holiday Inn Berlin which is a 3-min walk (200 m or 0.1 Mile) away from our clinic.
    • We can organize transportation from the Berlin airports to the hotel or to our clinic on request, but it would be at your own expense.


    Pre-treatment Quality of Life survey

    Two weeks prior to your booked treatment, you will receive an appointment confirmation. You will also receive a request to complete a Quality of Life survey.


    Patient in Berlin - two weeks therapy

    Once therapy is completed you receive your discharge letter together with all obtained examinations  and our recommendations


    Back at home

    After the course of the treatment it is very important to follow at home our suggested regime for 2-4 weeks.


    Post-therapy tests

    12-14 weeks after the treatment we will ask you to complete and send through a set of Vision Field tests, and provide a description of your subjective vision after the therapy.


    Treatment Results

    Our physicians will review the above tests results along with your assessment of your Quality of Life change.

    If there is a Vision Field improvement, meaning the survey has shown positive development and patient informs of positive subjective vision - this means you are a responder to the Restore Vision Approach. In this case, it is recommended to receive a second treatment 6-8-10 months (individual) after first treatment.

    • To book your next treatment, you can repeat the steps from point 3
    • Up to three-four courses of treatment can be made.
    Find out if you are a good candidate

    At a glance, doctor says "200% improvement" since the start of my journey two years ago. 

    Fedorov Clinic Restore Vision Berlin Germany Retitnis Pigmentosa Patient

    I suffered from Retinitis pigmentosa. Before I had only 5 degrees of peripheral vision. Now I have a full 15 degrees and parts of 20-30 degrees. Two years ago my acuity was greater than 20/100. Now my acuity is 20/40 in both eyes WITHOUT corrective lenses. I never dreamed this could be possible. My whole life I've been told there is no cure, no treatment, no hope. Well, not any more! I'm so thankful to have found the Restore Vision Clinic. The vision they have given me can be measured but what it means to me cannot. I get to SEE my kids grow up. I can see hundreds of stars. I can see rainbows. I can see people's facial expressions. I see a happier, more fulfilling future without a threat of total blindness.

    Kimberly Isreal, Illinois (United States)

    Patient and Visitor Guide


    Travel, Lodging & Maps

    Located in the heart of beautiful Berlin, a city of rich history, renowned for being a center of medical excellence, our Restore Vision Clinic is a convenient three-minute walk from the Holiday Inn Berlin, a four-star hotel, to ensure patients and their families accessibility and convenience during the treatment period.


    Maps and Directions

    Driving directions to the Restore Vision Clinic in Berlin, Germany.

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    Berlin has countless accommodation options for every taste. As part of your search, we recommend you consider the Holiday Inn - Berlin City Centre. It’s minutes away from our clinic and offers a 12% discount to our patients.

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    How long will I stay in Berlin?

    Fedorov Therapy normally requires a stay in Berlin of 14 days, generally beginning on a Monday.

    Could I stay at the Restore Vision Clinic?

    No. We do not have accommodation available for our patients. We do recommend the Holiday Inn Berlin which is 200 m (0.1 Mile) away from our clinic.

    Do you provide any help with obtaining a visa?

    We provide our patients with the invitation letter which is necessary when you apply for a visa.

    Can you provide transportation?

    We can organize transportation from the Berlin airports to the hotel or to our clinic on request, but it would be at your own expense.

    Things to do in Berlin

    No matter your interests, there's no shortage of things to do in Berlin. The Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic is located in the heart of this beautiful city, with cutting-edge museums and galleries, enticing shops, scrumptious restaurants, booming nightclubs, and historical attractions like the Berlin Wall and Berlin Palace. Even the outdoor enthusiast will not leave Berlin disappointed.

    Although you'll visit our clinic each day - Monday to Friday - for Fedorov Restoration Therapy, you'll have plenty of time left in the day and weekends to check out the sights that interest you most. There really is something for everyone!


    For Families

    Berlin may be known for its many nightclubs, but it’s also a great family destination with a multitude of museums, inviting green spaces and affordable hotels and restaurants. Berlin is also very open about its past; reminders of the Holocaust are everywhere making your visit part history lesson if you choose. Whether you are travelling with toddlers or teens, your Kinder will love Berlin


    Nature & Outdoors

    Outdoor activities may not be the first things that jump to mind when you think of Berlin, but natural landscapes represent about one-third of the city area. A multitude of parks, unique green spaces, and water courses make it easy to trade off the hustle and bustle of city life for enjoyment in Berlin’s great outdoors.



    Berlin, with its reputation for style, is a haven for shopaholics. You don’t have to travel far to find interesting and affordable concept shops, homegrown boutiques, designer second-hand shops, and speciality stores.

    The shopping possibilities are endless, so we’ll forego our list of best places to visit and instead send you straight online to discover your own best spots.


    Culture & History

    The list of things to see in Berlin is immense. Chock-full of history and loaded with character, culture and style, Berlin attracts millions of tourist each and every year. From famous places steeped in history to architectural landmarks, this city has so much to offer.


    Travel Options

    Berlin has a very effective transit system that operates 24 hours a day, with subways, trains, trams and buses. There is no need to rent a car, as public transit should get you where you need to go.



    Berlin has countless accommodation options for every taste. As part of your search, we recommend you consider the Holiday Inn - Berlin City Centre. It’s minutes away from our clinic and offers a 12% discount to our patients.

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