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Our clinic fills the gap between Ophthalmology and Neurology to improve vision loss from Optic Nerve Lesion and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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Clinically proven • Stable Results • No surgery • No side effects


Fedorov Restoration Therapy, a Breakthrough in Vision Recovery Treatment.

Restore Vision Clinic in Berlin was created to serve one purpose - to improve the eyesight of our patients. Our treatments help  visually impaired people improve their ability to see the world around them.

Fedorov Restoration Therapy is an interdisciplinary approach that combines the sciences of Ophthalmology and Neurology. This breakthrough in vision-recovery treatment achieves amazing results for many different types and stages of visual-function impairment.

Long-term clinical experience combined with our knowledge is applied to each individual case. And treatments are customized to a patient’s need using the best course of electric stimulation to achieve top results. This is one of the reasons that more than 75% of our patients see improvement in their vision after a single course of treatment.

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Treatment does not require surgery and its non-invasive


More than 9000 patients treated since 1993


Vision can be partially restored within two weeks


More than 75% responded to the first treatment


All therapies performed by neurologists


Anton Fedorov - physician and founder of the Restore Vision Clinic in Berlin (Germany) and pioneer of therapeutic electrical stimulation therapy in Europe.

"I love my work which I have been doing this since 1993 and I feel honored that patients from all over the world are entrusting recovery of their eyesight to our clinic. I work persistently and vigorously to earn this trust"

Fedorov Restoration Therapy


Restores Vision Naturally

Without surgery, naturally restores visual function through non-invasive electrical stimulation of retinal cells and optic nerve fibres


Uses Preserved Cells

Increases the functionality of preserved  cells (neurons) on the retina, and improves conductivity along the optic pathway to the brain


Leads to Improved Vision

Combining stimulation with brain training enhances the overall activity of the visual system, and leads to functional restoration

Conditions Treated

Restore Vision Clinic offers our exclusive Fedorov Therapy to restore vision-loss resulting from many conditions believed to be untreatable

Optic Nerve structure function damage disorders symptoms treatment

What is this nerve and why is it so essential to our eyesight? 


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Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic

During the past 20 years, we've treated over 9,000 patients and gained invaluable experience to successfully apply our unique electrical stimulation therapy - The Fedorov Restoration Therapy - to achieve the best results for patients suffering from optic nerve damage, retinal dystrophies or brain disorders

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