A healthy optic nerve and retina are vital for us being able to clearly see the world around us, and even slight damage to these critical components can severely alter the way we live.  Imagine trying to go about your daily tasks with blurred, dim or foggy vision, or with a reduced field of vision, depth perception, peripheral vision or ability to perceive colors.

Unfortunately, damage to the optic nerve can be caused by a number of medical conditions – including brain tumor, lack of blood supply, glaucoma, autoimmune inflammation by multiple sclerosis and even eye or head trauma. Vision loss resulting from optic nerve damage, abnormal retina or brain disorders can occur at any age, and in people of various levels of health.  What IS common amongst those who suffer from optic nerve damage is that most become resigned to living with poor or no sight, believing that their condition is untreatable.

Hope, however, does not need to be abandoned.  In many cases, lost vision can be partially restored even when the loss is deemed ‘untreatable’ or permanent. Tam’s story is a good example of this.

Restore Vision Clinic Patient Optic NeuritisTwo years ago, Ayden – Tam’s six year old son – suddenly lost his vision and was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis; at the time of diagnosis Ayden was only able to see hand movements with one eye, and had slightly better vision in the other eye. After many months of therapy, his healthcare providers in Australia told Tam there was nothing more they could do, that Ayden’s vision loss was permanent. After this devastating news, Tam continued to search for a way to help Ayden and found information about our Restore Vision Clinic online. After thoroughly reviewing Ayden’s medical records, doctors in Berlin concluded that Ayden is qualified and they felt that he has a good probability to respond well to Fedorov Restoration Therapy . Long story short, after treatment Ayden is now able to go about his life mostly as he did before – he plays with his friends, he rides his scooter to school, he goes to movies, he plays arcade games and he uses his iPad and computer. His vision is not yet perfect but it’s improved so much that he’s got his confidence back.

So how does our treatment work?  Why does it help when supposedly there is no cure? Fedorov Restoration Therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to naturally restore or improve vision, with stable outcomes and without risks of side effects. These positive outcomes are accomplished through the application of weak electrical current pulses which stimulate partially-damaged retinal cells and improve the conductivity of signals to the brain. Fedorov Therapy can’t replace damaged cells or regenerate optic nerves; instead it increases the functionality of preserved cells on the retina and enhances the activity along optic nerves. This, combined with multimodal brain training, enhances the overall activity of the visual system and leads to functional vision restoration. Our Restore Vision Clinic fills the gap between ophthalmology and neurology, helping visually impaired patients from around the globe regain vision-loss resulting from many conditions believed to be untreatable. We give hope where there was none before.

Want to learn more about Tam’s and Ayden’s experience? Visit our website and view Tam’s video testimonial. And don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you or someone you love is suffering from vision loss. Hopefully we can get you started on your journey of vision restoration.