Dereck Martie

      Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic Berlin Germany Traumatic Optic Neuropathy

      Diagnosed Condition: Traumatic Optic Neuropathy 

      Time with Condition:  five years

      Recovery Time after Fedorov Therapy:  six months

      Vision Improvement:  30-35%


      Hi, I'm Derek Marty. I’m 29 years old, from Jesup, Iowa, in the United States. I had a bad motorcycle accident about five years ago that left me with only about 10% vision. On attending the University of Iowa Hospital, in Iowa City, I was told there was no chance of my vision ever coming back, that the loss was permanent and life-long with no options. I could not drive anymore. I lost my job and couldn't afford my apartment by myself. I also couldn't manage everyday things by myself – I couldn't cook, and my mother and brother had to help me with a lot of things. 


      "My life made it so much better, I've become so much more independent. I can't begin to say how appreciative I am about this place."

      One day I was surfing the internet looking for options when I came across the Restore Vision Clinic (previously Vision Restoration Center) in Berlin Germany. My ophthalmologist had never heard of it so we emailed Dr. Anton Fedorov. He asked to see my updated medical records related to my vision loss. I sent them, and after his review he emailed to say I could come to Germany and be a client of his.

      When I first got the email of acceptance from Anton, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure if this was a scam or what anything was. I talked to Anton though and he seemed like a really nice guy on the phone. And I also set up arrangements at the hotel which is right down the road. When doing so, I asked the clerk at the hotel: “What's this Vision Restoration Center?” and he told me he has a lot of clients from the Dr. Fedorov’s clinic stay at this hotel.


      The first treatment I didn't see results immediately. On paper and on the computers, you could see that the results had gotten better, but I didn't notice any improvements until after I got home where I was comfortable and I noticed things. My colors have become a lot clearer, and my vision field has gotten wider so I can see more. I’m more independent at home - I can cook, I build things and can do all kinds of stuff I wasn’t able to do after my accident, like walk downtown by myself. 
      My vision is still progressing; that's why I chose to come back. I've been here three times now, and I have nothing but great things to say about the doctors. They are very comfortable, they are very nice; there's no bad things I have to say about this program. I am so glad I took this chance. I have met so many people from around the whole world that have many different conditions. Everybody has something different and everybody has been getting positive results. A lot of people I know have come back year after year just to get more results, to get better vision, to better their life. I've become so much more independent. And I can't begin to say how appreciative I am about this place.

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