When the unimaginable happens, we dig deep for those we love. We try to help in any way we can. We lend support – emotional and physical – and we go to great lengths to find solutions when none are forthcoming. We also seek out information where we can find it – we talk to our healthcare providers, our connections, our friends and our families, and we scour the internet to uncover treatments that are not yet known or accepted where we live.

Angela’s and Jake’s story is no different.  Jake lost the majority of his sight as a result of a severe brain injury at age 15.  Angela – his Mom – was not willing to give up when she was told there was nothing that could be done to help restore Jake’s vision. Through extensive online research, Angela found our clinic and reached out to see if we could help. After a detailed review of Jake’s medical records and current condition, we confirmed we could try.

Not every story has a happy ending, and we know we can’t help in all cases. But we  also know that scientific and medical advancements are made every day and that our body of knowledge is continually expanding. What was true yesterday is not always the case today. Our therapy –   Fedorov Restoration Therapy – for example, is a relatively new technology that is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to naturally restore visual function, accomplished by applying weak electrical currents to areas around the eye.  Our clinic founder, Dr. Fedorov, has been applying this patented treatment since 1993, helping over 9,000 patients with vision loss from optic-nerve atrophy, abnormal retina and brain disorders recover their eyesight. You can learn more about our clinic, and the vision-recovery treatments we provide here.

As a neurologist and healthcare provider whose approach combines the sciences of ophthalmology and neurology, my advice in seeking relief for an ‘untreatable’ ailment or condition is challenge the norms, ask questions and leave no stone unturned in seeking the information you feel will help you or your loved one.  Be like a dog with a bone. A technology breakthrough for your condition might be just around the corner.”

Angela did just this. Her tenacity in finding a solution helped Jake see again. Jake’s vision is still not perfect and his journey continues, but hope remains where there was none before. Their story is best told by themselves, so we encourage you to learn more by watching and listening to Angela tell about her and Jake’s experience. Click here to learn more.  And if you would like to learn more about the possibilities for vision recovery, many of our patients have shared their experiences on Facebook. Their stories are here for you to read.

The content we will include on future blogs is still evolving, so let us know what interests you. More patient stories? Or information about new advancements or treatment innovations in vision recovery?  Your feedback will help keep this blog newsworthy.