Culture & History

The list of what to see in Berlin is immense. Chock-full of history and loaded with character, culture and style, Berlin attracts millions of tourist each and every year. From famous places steeped in history to architectural landmarks, this city has so much to offer.

Our five favorite places to visit:

  1. Berlin Wall. Probably the most famous of all the places to visit in Berlin. This 140-km concrete barrier used to divide East and West Berlin.
  2. Reichstag. Germany’s famous parliament building.
  3. The Holocaust Memorial. A vast, granite maze covering 19,000 square metres to remember the millions of European Jews murdered by the Nazi regime.
  4. Berliner Dom. One of the most stunning buildings in Berlin; an early 20th century Cathedral.
  5. The Pergamon Museum. The go-to museum for history lovers.



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