Layla Rowan

      Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Fedorov Restoration Therapy Restore Vision Clinic Berlin Germany

      Diagnosed Condition: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

      Time with Condition: Since birth. Layla is now 4 years old.

      Recovery Time after Fedorov Therapy:  Three treatments over 18 months


      We would like to share a story about our 4 year old daughter, Layla. When Layla was only 4 months old she was diagnosed  with Bilateral Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. After a visit to the hospital, the consultant wasn't exactly sure what it was and then after Layla's MRI scan she confirmed it was Bilateral Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (BONH) and that she was born with it. We were devastated. BONH means that the nerve hadn't developed the way it should have so her vision was severely impaired.


      Layla was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia at only four months old. After Fedorov Therapy, she now has improved visual acuity and colour vision, and is far more independent. (Ireland).

      “We can't thank Anton and Julia enough for what they have done for our little girl. Layla is so looking forward seeing to see them again.”

      After several visits to the hospital, there was nothing they could do to help her sight. We heard from a friend about Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic. We emailed them and explained Layla’s story. Soon after, I received a phone call from Anton and we had a conversation about Layla and what can be done for her. Anton asked us to send all Layla’s medical records to review, and after he reviewed them he invited us to his clinic in Berlin. At this stage Layla was only 2 years old and she only had a small amount of vision.


      Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Restore Vision Clinic Berlin


      From the second we walked in, Anton and his colleague Julia were very welcoming and made Layla feel safe. On the first day they began her treatment and everything went perfect; it was painless and very comfortable for Layla. We were amazed at how great they were with Layla as she does get scared of everything because of her limited vision. After 10 days of treatment, we said our goodbyes. 

      After a couple of weeks went by, we continued to see results and Layla began to be more independent. So the following year we made a decision to bring Layla back to the Restore Vision Clinic. Yet again it was a success; she improved even more. It is amazing to see how much the therapy has helped her. 


      This year, which is 2019, Layla is four years old and we have gone back for a 3rd round of treatments. We can't thank Anton and Julia enough for what they have done for our little girl. Overall, her vision and quality of life has improved. She is more comfortable now meeting people in unfamiliar places, she accomplishes more on her own and she is more independent because of her vision improvements. She is also able to find her toys more easily and navigate herself through her surroundings. And finally she is now able to see colours—a huge improvement from the black and white world she saw before. 


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