Mr Y.F., Norway

      Fedorov Clinic Restore Vision Berlin Germany Patient

      Diagnosed Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa

      Time with Condition: Deteriorating for 3 years

      Recovery Time After Fedorov Therapy: 1 year

      Vision Improvement: 70%


      Before I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in November 2015, I thought that my vision was normal and difficulties to see at the night were just some minimal discomfort. Visit to optician in February 2015 revealed that I had initial narrowing of the visual field what I had not fully realized before. After reading more about Retinitis Pigmentosa, I understood the reason why my night vision had worsened. My next follow-up examination in November 2015 showed further deterioration since my first examinations. Subjectively my night vision at this point was very bad and my peripheral vision in daylight started to make me feel like I was wearing a dive mask. I understood that my peripheral vision had got narrow. I still worked as normal, but had problems with tiredness in my eyes which also sometimes led to headaches. 

      Doctors in Norway told me that there was no solution that could help treat retinitis pigmentosa or even stop the progression of my disease. They recommended pills with Vitamin A and that was all.

      Thinking about the future, I started searching through the internet and came across Dr. Fedorov’s website. After looking through the website, I decided to contact Dr. Fedorov. I was informed that there is no treatment that can cure the cause of retinal degeneration, but therapy at the Restore Vision Clinic can potentially help to slow down the progression and even improve my visual field. Dr. Fedorov was very professional and I needed to answer a lot of questions and send documentation to him before I was accepted as a patient. During the course of the therapy in Berlin, I passed a visual field examination before, during and after the treatment. Session by session I realized appearance of positive changes.


      After returning to Norway I found out that the results were great. My vision in daylight improved very much. My peripheral vision was less limited as before the therapy and I felt a slight improvement of my night vision as well. A few months later doctors in Norway did follow-up visual field tests and the results showed a stable improvement. Even though my vision before the treatment was not so bad and doctors revealed my disease at an early stage, I was satisfied that I had begun this treatment in Germany without long delay after the disease onset and that therapy led to vision improvement. Dr. Fedorov and his team are very professional and took comprehensive care about my case before, during and even after the treatment had been completed. If it is necessary, I will go back for a new round of treatment to the Vision Restore Clinic, in Berlin.

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