Discovering the Center for Vision Restoration has been an absolute God send.
      My teenage son experienced a brain haemorrhage more than 3 years ago and is now severely visually impaired. Despite his neurologists in London telling us there is nothing that can be done to repair the damage to his optic nerve, we continued to search for therapies and treatments that could help.
      We were fortunate enough to come across Dr Anton Federov’s clinic online and went for our first treatment last month. For the first time in 3 years, my son was receiving intensive treatment as well as visual training to try to help stimulate an improvement in his vision.
      Travelling to the clinic in Germany with my children was daunting, but Dr. Federov and Dr. Julia could not have been more warm and welcoming.
      Dr. Federov explained that due to the severity of my son’s condition the process could take some time, but after just two weeks of being back home we are already seeing an improvement in his vision. On a recent shopping trip, he was so excited that he could now see people pushing their trollies!
      We know this is just the start of the process, but we have already seen enough of an improvement to make the decision to book a second treatment for six month’s time.
      We could not have asked for a better experience – Dr. Federov and his team are offering a life-changing treatment and I thank God we found them!


      My name is Angela. Four years ago my son Jacob had a severe brain injury and, unfortunately, lost a lot of his vision. The doctors in the UK told us there wasn't anything that they could do and obviously that was extremely devastating. You know, he was just 15 years old and I wasn't going to accept that he would never have his vision back. We consulted with lots of private ophthalmologists, doctors at the top brain Hospital in London and they all said the same thing, they told us that there wasn't anything they could do. Jacob couldn't see anything after his brain injury. I mean it's such a shock. I think eventually he was seeing very small shadows. So I did a lot of research on the internet and came across Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic in Germany. Dr. Fedorov was very keen to have all Jake's medical details. He wanted to be sure that he could qualify for the treatment and that he could help him. That impressed me because I knew that, you know, this was a proper clinic. The one thing as well that helped me to decide to come here was I talked to my son's Neurologist in London, it's one of the top hospitals in London, and I told him about this treatment and he had heard of it. He had seen some of the clinical trials and he said: “Look, we don't offer this here but I've heard of it, I've seen the results and, you know, you should maybe take the chance.” So that would that was great and that gave me some more confidence to come and give it a try. Of course, we were worried about how Jake would react to the treatment but he tolerated it extremely well. It wasn't painful. He, you know, was very relaxed during the treatment. Within days of the first treatment Jacob started to see more. I think we were here for about four days and we went into a supermarket and Jacob said that he could see people pushing the trolley. He can now read letters on his iPad. His vision was black and gray before but now he can see in color. So, you know, it was absolutely fantastic. We got home and the improvements continued even at home. The main changes were when we got home over time, you know, we notice his vision improving more and more. That continued over weeks and months after the treatment. We decided to come again because, you know, Jake was excited about his vision improving. We knew that, you know, it's going to take time. It’s a process. We we took that leap of faith because they are a genuine clinic; they're very genuine people, very kind and they have an excellent background. They're the only people in the world that have actually got the technology and they've developed this treatment. One of the things that actually surprised me was when I got here, there were people from all over the world. My message to anybody out there who's going through a similar issue is to give it a try, contact Dr. Fedorov, have a conversation with him. They will be very honest with you as to whether they can help or not. The clinic has given us hope where there was no hope, and we've noticed a big improvement with Jake’s vision. We're just so happy that we found it.

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