Peter Rechter


      Diagnosed Condition: Non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION)

      Time with Condition:  Deteriorating for 5 years

      Recovery Time after Fedorov Therapy:  1 year

      Vision Improvement:  30-35%


      I’m 67, live in Australia, and worked as a musician/teacher until 2010, when suddenly my right eye was affected by NAION (non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy). I lost my sight in this eye. I started an intravenous steroid therapy program at the Eye & Ear Hospital in Melbourne and unfortunately this didn’t improve the vision loss. Sadly, 10 months later, ischemic optic neuropathy struck in my left eye, and the doctors couldn’t do anything for me. Exactly 14 days later, I was completely blind. I was told that, if any sight was to return, this would occur over the next six to eight weeks, and nothing else could be done for me.


      "I definitely want to get a new round of therapy because this treatment has made my life much easier!"

      I couldn’t accept that nothing could be done, so, having sought further medical opinions and with the help of a friend, we started to search the Internet. It wasn’t until 2013 that we discovered that research for optic nerve damage was happening in Germany. We wrote Dr. Anton Fedorov, and the following day, we received an email from Dr. Fedorov who sent information explaining how the electrical stimulation treatment works in cases of ischemic optic neuropathy. He explained its benefits with a promise that he would contact me when the trials were completed and the treatment approved.

      I passed this information onto my ophthalmologist, Dr. Justin O’Day, who, after reading the information, encouraged me to go to Germany for treatment. Approximately six months later, Dr. Fedorov contacted me and invited me to Germany for the treatment.

      I remain forever grateful to Dr. Fedorov for his kindness, his expertise, ongoing interest in my progress, and for giving me hope. I definitely want to get a new round of therapy because this treatment has made my life much easier!

      In May 2014, I had my treatment in Germany. This involved extensive vision field testing, which is greatly affected by ischemic optic neuropathy. Fedorov Restoration Therapy took place over a 14-day period. Midway through the treatment, I noticed slight changes to my vision, such as seeing objects a little clearer and noticing some colors.

      Two months after my return to Australia, I had a follow-up vision field test that showed an opening of new pathways where there had been only blackness before treatment. Dr. Fedorov remained in contact with my ophthalmologist, requesting that all relevant information regarding my progress be sent to him.

      Things in my life started to become a little easier as I was now able to see my dinner plate without a light being placed over it and see the keys on the piano clearer. With the help of a special skin on the computer keyboard, along with magnifying glasses, I was able to use email again. I was also able to walk on the treadmill without holding onto the sides and cross the street unassisted.

      My later follow up examinations revealed more positive changes of my vision as my ability to see smaller letters at 1 meter and see 2 letters with both eyes which I couldn’t do prior to the treatment. After seeing the results of my field test my ophthalmologist said there was room for cautious optimism for further improvement in my vision. I am now running on the treadmill without holding on, back using my music program, composing & arranging music. I am now seeing both eyes when I look closely in the mirror as prior to the treatment I could only see my right eye and I am now able to follow my football team on the television.

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