Anke Taylor

      Patient Testimonial at Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic Driving again

      Diagnosed Condition: initially misdiagnosed with Glaucoma, at Fedorov Clinic a non progressive retinal atrophy was discovered 

      Time with Condition: Ten years

      Recovery Time after Fedorov Therapy:  6 months


      About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, and have been treated by an NHS ophthalmologist in the UK. When my driving licence came up for renewal, I had to complete a medical questionnaire for the Driving & Vehicle License Association. I stated my Glaucoma condition and was sent for a field vision test, which I failed. Consequently, my driving license was revoked. This felt like a significant loss of freedom, adversely affecting my and my husband’s quality of life and work.


      Mrs. Anke Taylor lost her driving license as she no longer met the regulated vision standards. After Fedorov Therapy, her field of vision improved and she achieved a Practical Driving Test Pass Certificate (United Kingdom).

      “I can’t thank staff at the Fedorov Clinic enough for improving my vision so that I could pass the field vision test. At all times, the approach of the Clinic was very professional, competent & transparent. Medical care to the highest standards!"

      My ophthalmologist told me that my vision can’t be improved. I didn’t want to give up my freedom as I felt that with glasses my vision was good enough to drive. I kept searching online for treatment that potentially could help improve my vision. When I came across the Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic and realised that the treatment is based on fundamentals I firmly believe in (activation & training of cells), I decided to give it a try. 

      The Fedorov clinic guided me through the application process and assessed my condition based on the medical file I provided. The assessment resulted in an invitation for treatment in Berlin. The application process was incredibly fast, from the moment of providing the medical record to the start of treatment only 2 weeks had passed, which I really appreciated.




      The reception at the clinic was professional and efficient. Treatment timings were agreed to suit my flights. The clinic is kitted out with the most modern equipment. The staff is very friendly. Before starting the treatment, my eyes were tested extensively. The treatment itself was painless. There were 1 or 2 treatments per day, followed by computer-based eye training sessions. Some days started or finished with further eye tests. There were multiple consultations with Dr. Fedorov.

      During the first consultation, Dr. Fedorov immediately pointed out that I didn’t have glaucoma; this was later confirmed by my UK ophthalmologist as i decided to have a second opinion after my return from Berlin.  I have stopped using Glaucoma treatment now.


      I received treatment to improve my vision so that I can drive again after revocation of my license last autumn. Five months after the treatment I am now back behind the wheel!  What an amazing result!  Ten years ago I was misdiagnosed with Glaucoma.  Moreover doctors in the Fedorov's Clinic discovered that my vision loss relates to non progressive retinal damage. Later on my UK ophthalmologist has confirmed that I have no Glaucoma and I have stopped using eye drops after more than 10 years. The treatment at the Clinic was fabulous, I felt very safe in their hands. Thanks a million to all staff! You have improved my quality of life significantly.


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