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Treatment does not require surgery and its non-invasive


More than 9000 patients treated since 1993


Vision can be partially restored within two weeks


More than 75% responded to the first treatment


All therapies performed by neurologists

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Fedorov Restoration Therapy

This is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to naturally restore or improve vision, with stable outcomes and without risks of side effects. These positive outcomes are accomplished through the application of weak electrical current pulses which stimulate partially-damaged retinal cells and improve the conductivity of signals to the brain. Our therapy cannot replace damaged cells or regenerate optic nerves; instead it increases the functionality of preserved cells on the retina and enhances the activity of the entire visual system.

To whom our therapy is recommended 

Our treatment is recommended for patients suffering from any optic nerve atrophy but especially damage originating as glaucomatous, ischemic, traumatic, inflammatory, post tumor, or hydrocephalus induced optic neuropathies. Our treatment has also proven successful in cases of underdeveloped optic nerves (hypoplasia). Patients with certain types of retinal diseases including inherited dystrophies like retinitis pigmentosa and cone dystrophies have measurable benefits from this treatment as well.

Efficacy and safety of Fedorov Restoration Therapy 

Conducted in Germany between 2007-2012, several double blind, placebo controlled, and randomized clinical trials have established the efficacy of Fedorov Restoration Therapy, both scientifically and clinically, and have validated this treatment modality. Routine clinical use in both Russia (1991 to present) and Germany (2007 to present) has demonstrated the safety of electrical stimulation to improve vision without side effects or worsening vision.