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Treatment does not require surgery and its non-invasive


More than 9000 patients treated since 1993


Vision can be partially restored within two weeks


More than 75% responded to the first treatment


All therapies performed by neurologists

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Conditions Treated

Restore Vision Clinic offers our exclusive Fedorov Therapy to restore vision-loss resulting from many conditions believed to be untreatable.

About the Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic

At our Restore Vision Clinic, we understand that our patients come from all over the world, often with their family or loved ones.

Improving your quality of life starts here. Our physicians offer an evaluation of your medical case, reviewing every case individually, to assess the possible benefits of Fedorov Restoration Therapy, and to provide you with a detailed explanation of the results that can be expected.

This is a preliminary evaluation to ensure there are no contraindications to our treatment. We’ll inform you of our preliminary assessment, within a few days, by email, using the email address you will provide.

If there are no contraindications, you’ll be asked to send us a copy of your medical records (by email or fax), so we can complete a thorough assessment to confirm Fedorov Therapy can benefit you.

Once the assessment of your medical records is completed, we’ll schedule a time to discuss the prognosis in more detail and answer any questions you may have. The possible results of the stimulation are discussed at that time.